Microphone use:


Our reflector is not using compressed audio like all the others which gives us a much crisper audio.

All our nodes and repeaters are tuned to give the absolute best audio possible.

We respectfully request that you do your part by not BREATHING into the microphone.

This comes through as "popping" of the Ps and "slurring" of the Ss.

Another problem is when finished with talking your breath from you nose sounds like a wind blowing
on your microphone.

     There is a simple cure:

     Cross talk your microphone by turning it 90 degrees to your mouth and placing it just past the corner
     of your mouth.

     You can check this out by listening to yourself on our streaming audio.  Just connect to
 http://www.winsystem.org and click on streaming audio and transmit. 

     There is about a 20 second delay so you can speak on the repeater and then hear yourself on the

     This will give you an excellent chance to find the problem and help eliminate it.

     And if you hear other hams with the "BREATHING" problem you can direct them here.

     Thanks for reading this article.  We appreciate your concern and cooperation.               110831