Welcome to the Insomniac Trivia Net

In our 36th consecutive year.   Updated 03/17/2016

Our net begins at 11:00pm Pacific time on the Win System reflector 9100
which is the hub for 90 regularly linked repeaters plus visitors
covering 16 states and 2 other countries. The net usually lasts 1 hour.

Our net is now in its 36th year of non-stop fun 365 days a year.
Thanks to the West Coast Amateur Radio Club in Southern California
who started this net on simplex. But this limited the net to an average of 10 participants.
When Terry N6WI and Shorty K6JSI started using high level remote sites the count started to increase.
Now we have an average of 60 check-ins per night.
If you would like to receive the questions each night via email
click there ---> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/insomniac-net/join
sign in and follow the directions. You will normally receive the questions
from 1 hour to several minutes before the net starts.

You are welcome to join the Technical Net on Friday evenings at 7:30pm pacific time.
Where?  The same Bat Reflector, 9100

Net controllers   If there are missing pictures please send one to N6WI

June (KG6JJM) and Roger (KF6HBU)  -  Beautiful Sunny San Diego, CA
  June and Roger have not submitted their information.

Shi  W7PRV - Federal Way, WA
   One evening I was playing around with a new handheld radio and I stumbled across the Winsystem, completely by accident.
  I listened for a little while and was impressed to hear stations from California talking to Stations in Florida, so I decided to listen a little more and at 11:00pm, here comes Steve, N5ZUA announcing the start of the Insomniac Trivia Net.  I love trivia, so I listened in.  From that point on, I was hooked.  I got an opportunity to fill in a few times before becoming a regular Net Control Station and have been here ever since.  I operate locally on 2m and 70cm, as well as HF- usually 40m CW.  Outside of Ham Radio, Christina and I like to spend time with our 4 kids.  Hiking and camping as well as geocaching are some of our favorite things.  We are also a part of a car club, so we do travel quite a bit and can usually be found on the Winsystem during our trips.  Right now, Christina is studying for her license along with our oldest son, so they will be joining us on the air soon! 

Al (KE6LGE) & Lynn (KJ6HFE)  -  San Anton, TX  
   I have had several jobs in my lifetime; I was a Cop in San Antonio, TX; When I lived in Atlanta, GA for 3 years I was a District Manager for a National Consumer Finance Company in which I covered 36 offices in three states, GA/OK/TX.  When I lived in Edmond, OK I was a Vice President of a Credit Union; When I moved to LA, CA I was a Vice President of a Nationwide Auction Company; When I moved to San Diego in 1999 I started my own business with 1 driver then built it up to 63 drivers delivering auto parts for car dealerships.  I sold that business in Feb. of 2007. In Feb/2009 I moved back to San Antonio, TX were I am now driving a cab for my Nephew.  I am an avid RV’er, sports shooter, camping & fishing. I got my ham license through Gordon West in 1994.  I have been a member of RACES in San Diego and now I am with the Hill Country REACT Team on many of their public service & emergency deployments.  This was one of my main reasons for becoming a ham was to get involved with as much public service involvements as I can.  I encourage you all to do the same.  It is so satisfying knowing how much you meant to someone helping them out in emergency situations.  73 & God Bless.
Chuck (KG6PH)  -  San Diego, CA
    I have been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator for over 45 years. I am primarily active on SSB and various digital modes. I operate all bands from 160 meters to 70 centimeters. I particularly enjoy PSK-31 on 30 meters and SSB on 6 meters. I also enjoy being net control on the Insomniac Net every other Tuesday. I've met a lot of really nice people on the WIN System. I work for a small software company specializing in the optimization of semiconductor testing by applying statistical process control to the testing process. My permanent home is in Plano, Texas, where I'm a member of the Plano Amateur Radio Club (www.k5prk.net). And my second home is in San Diego, California, where I currently spend the majority of my time. While in San Diego, I'm a volunteer on the USS Midway, helping to restore the radio room, and operating the radios during special events. I have been happily married to Basia, N6KXU, for 33 years. Besides ham radio, Basia and I enjoy traveling and photography. We've visited over 50 countries in Europe and Asia, and can't wait for the next trip!
Steve (N5ZUA)  -  Houston, TX
 Steve Agee is a native Houstonian and is 46 years old. He works as a train dispatcher for Union Pacific Railroad. When he is not busy playing choo choo he spends his spare time maintaining a network of 20 amateur repeater sites across Texas and Louisiana known as the Saltgrass Link System. It is an open system and you are welcome to check it out anytime at Allstar reflector 2500 or IRLP reflector 9455. Steve attended the University of Texas at Austin as well as the University of Houston. Although he works on Sundays, he manages to keep up with the Houston Texans from his office. Steve has been a paying
WIN System supporter for the past six years, and is currently our Wednesday night net control operator. He started as a fill in operator six years ago.
Ronald (K4GET)  -  Plantation, FL
   I was born in glean cove, NY in 1959. in 1969 we moved to FLORIDA for one year, and moved back to NY. I lived in long island till I was 17, then I joined the ARMY in 1976 to 1980 . I became a ham radio operator in September 7 th 2010.  I was listening to the Insomniac net on a scanner, and decided to become a ham so I could play the insomniac net. And now I am net control on every other Thursday & Friday night. And sometimes Sunday. I have IRLP node 8091, and all* node 27859. And soon to have a repeater on 440 mhz. I will continue to be net control as long as you fine people will have me. Thank you all for being so nice to me and taking me in like family.
LW K7LWA and Shelly KF7TBA

Linda (K6LBL) and Russell (AF6EQ)  -  Sunnyvale, CA
   Linda K6LBL and Russell AF6EQ bring to you the Saturday evening edition of the Insomniac net. They typically access the WIN System via node 3497 located in their home in Sunnyvale California, and through the Loma Prieta repeater when out and about the San Francisco peninsula. Linda and Russell are avid SCUBA divers teaching a wide range of underwater classes through Wallin’s Dive Center in California and Dive Tech in Grand Cayman. Whenever possible Linda and Russell escape to the ocean in their never ending quest to explore the underwater world.

Substitute net controllers.

  Paul and Chris - WH6FM & WK6KBR
Tom - K6TAV  Fountain Valley, CA
Tom has not submitted his information.
Herb - N6MGW  

I have had my ham ticket since 1981 as KB6DPK and learned about the Insomniac Net shortly afterwards when it was a small simplex net in So Cal.  Ty, NO6U, Mr Insomniac, lived down the street from me, and I used to give him hell about his questions and that is why there is a rule, "The Net Control Is Always Correct" 😁. In the early 90s, John, KO6WI, and his dog Mo, K9MUT, talked me into becoming a Net Control Operator. Since then I have been involved with the Insomniac Net except for 4 years following my open heart surgery in 2009 and colin cancer in 2011. Then in 2013 I had congestive heart syndrome and felt I had 5 months to live. I got serious and lost 170 lbs and today I feel I have 20 years to live. No longer take diabetic medicine. I turned the radio back on in Jan 2014, bought a new dual band and Nano Node. I have been on the net every night since. As an active member I have increased my knowledge base significantly through the years and always look forward to learning something new every night.  At Christmas I generated a bunch of Christmas trivia questions and my family gave me the name "Trivia King" because they knew my love of trivia.  I hope to keep contributing to the Insomnia Net for many more years if you will have me.

"Chicago" Bob - AJ9Y
I became a net controller while living 3 feet above sea level (as Shorty used to say). I enjoyed doing the net for a few years, getting to meet lots of great hams and some good ones too. Living on a boat in San Diego Bay was a good time. Moved to Phoenix AZ in 2003 where I reside with Maureen KE7KCJ. I enjoy filling in on the net when I'm able.
Joe - N3CKF
  Brian - K6CBR
Shorty (K6JSI)  -  Smith River, CA   where ever that is!
   I was first licensed at age 12, in December, 1953, as KN6JSI, and was a Novice Class licensee.  My real name is Jeff, but most folks call me 'Shorty' as I'm 6'-6" tall, and I picked up the nickname when I was a teenager.  I built my first 440 Repeater in about 1965 or 1966.  That did it!  I've been on UHF and VHF FM ever since.  I own and operate the Western Intertie Network, or the 'WIN System,' presently at about 80 repeaters linked together full-time, 24/7, and we're still growing.  We're an OPEN Repeater System, and we have repeaters in 16 States and three Countries around the world.  Check out our website at www.winsystem.org for more information, or listen in to our streaming audio. I am very happily married to Susan, K6SLS, and we are now retired and living in Smith River, California.  In fact, we have one, well over 100-feet tall, right on our property.
Scott - K6IXQ
Steve (K6KYA)  -  The San Francisco Bay Area
  Steve has not submitted his information.
Steve - K6UFX
Terry (N6WI)  -  Berryville, AR
    Born in San Francisco, raised in southern California from age of 2. Air Force 1962-1966, worked for Ford Aeroneutronic before and after the Air Force, Southland Corp. for several years, flight instructor for 21 years until pace maker installed which prevented me from keeping a flight medical.  Retired from HRO in Anaheim, CA on my 10th year anniversary. Moved to Arkansas where we are now and lov'n it.  The Ozarks are great.
  Jim KF6QBW and Tricia KF6WZU

Josh (WX7JM) - Phoenix, Arizona

 I received my Technician & General license on April, 22, 2014 and I have received my Extra Class License on June 11th, 2014. I live in Phoenix, AZ and graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors of Science in Meteorology. I currently work at the Arizona Science Center (ASC) teaching young kids about weather and earth science and perform demonstrations and do activities with the kids. I also help out at the W7ASC Harkins Ham Shack (C.A.R.L.) station teaching guests and kids about amateur radio and helping them learn Morse code and they have a blast doing it. They also get to talk to local hams here in Arizona and become guest operators earning them a certificate. The reason I got into Amateur Radio originally was to be part of the Skywarn emergency network and meet new people on the airwaves on many various repeaters. I am an Accredited Volunteer Examiner (VE) and I am now helping out with the Thunderbird and West Valley Amateur Radio Clubs here in Phoenix, AZ. I consider the WINSYSTEM my home linked system as I made my first QSO here and attend the Insomniac Trivia Net frequently.