Wide-Coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System
WIRES function on Yaesu radios:

FT-60 hand held

Yaesu decided 10 years ago or so to reinvent the Internet Radio Linking System all over again.
They chose to use a DTMF tone or set of tones to initiate not just the connection but each
time you push the PTT button.  To make it automatic they set up the idea to have it transmit
the DTMF tone/s as soon as you key down.  In most linked systems that DTMF tone stops
passing any audio so we will not hear any audio until after the DTMF tone stops sending.

The wires function can be turned on accidentally by pushing the "0" zero button.
When that happens you will see the wires icon in the upper right hand corner of your
display as you can see below in the insert from Page 49 of the manual.
As the first line states, "Press "0" key momentarily, you already did that if the icon
is showing.  Red arrow points to it.

All you need to do to stop that function is again push the "0" button and note that the icon
goes away.  Each time you push the "0" button will toggle it ON if it is OFF, and OFF if it is ON.
So it would be great if you check the display every so often and if the icon shows,
push the "0" button and make sure the icon disappears.

But better than this temporary fix click on the link below to get ride of the possibility.

How to disarm WIRES on your radio